The Coleman Co. insists it did not take a Kansas state court judge’s words out of context and that it has the right to enter into an agreement with another RV manufacturer to build units that carry the Coleman name.
Coleman’s statement, issued late Tuesday (July 22) was the latest salvo in its media duel with Fleetwood over the termination of the licensing agreement between the two companies.
Coleman terminated the licensing agreement with Fleetwood in May. The contract allowed Fleetwood’s subsidiary in Pennsylvania to build folding campers and hybrid trailers carrying the Coleman name. Both companies then sued each other in Sedgwick County District Court in Kansas., Coleman, a unit of American Household Inc., is headquartered Wichita.
The court ruled on the case earlier this month and Coleman is convinced the judge decided “that Fleetwood has no right to continue using the Coleman name.
“Coleman remains committed to the RV industry and is currently seeking a new licensee to manufacture, distribute and sell recreational vehicles, folding camping trailers and related accessories under the Coleman brand name,” Coleman reported in the statement issued Tuesday.
Coleman terminated the licensing agreement with Fleetwood, which had been in existence since 1989, because of alleged violations by Fleetwood, including the failure by Fleetwood to submit products to Coleman for approval prior to sale.
Fleetwood believes the controversy still is pending before the court and will finally be resolved by a trial, which Fleetwood assumes will occur sometime next year.
Meanwhile, Fleetwood believes it continues to have the right to use the Coleman name.
Coleman, a manufacturer of camping, backpacking, tailgating and backyard grilling equipment, was a unit of home appliance manufacturer Sunbeam, which emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy in December and was renamed American Household.