Airxcel’s Coleman-Mach brand of air conditioners and Suburban furnaces is marking 50 years of supplying the RV industry. 

 According to a press release, the original Coleman air conditioner was the creation of inventor W.C. Coleman after spending a hot summer trip in a Winnebago. To reflect its streamlined look, the name evolved to Coleman-Mach. In the same year, an Airstream engineer asked if Suburban designers could modify their gas heater he used in his greenhouse, to work in his RV. Both products became market leaders.

“The origin of these two products were driven by listening to the market, solving peoples’ problems, and improving upon already great inventions,” said Jeff Rutherford, CEO of Airxcel. “We’re exceptionally proud to celebrate 50 years of keeping RV owners comfortable so they can enjoy the hobbies they love year-round. 

“Just like the origins of the Coleman-Mach A/C and Suburban furnace, we continually listen to the needs of the market to constantly improve our products and know there’s always a smarter design around the corner if we roll up our sleeves look for it.”