The Coleman Co. is seeking a new manufacturer to build RV products that carry the Coleman brand name, Coleman announced today. (July 21)
That’s because Coleman has terminated the licensing agreement that allowed Fleetwood Enterprises Inc. to build folding campers, hybrid trailers and related parts and accessories for sale under the Coleman brand name for 14 years.
Coleman’s statement appears at odds a the statement issued by Fleetwood on Thursday (July 17), which described the dispute between the two companies, but which also reported that Fleetwood wants a trial to resolve the matter.
However, in its statement issued today, Coleman reported that it terminated its agreement with Fleetwood effective May 12 because of “numerous performance issues in breach of the licensing agreement, including but not limited to: Fleetwood’s failure to submit products to Coleman for approval; Fleetwood selling products in countries it was not approved to sell in and Fleetwood selling Coleman-branded products not covered by the licensing agreement.”
Both companies reported the filing of lawsuits and countersuits against each other, but Coleman also announced that the Sedgwick (Kansas) County District Court ruled on July 11 that “FFT (Fleetwood Folding Trailers) has not established any right allowing it to continue the use of Coleman’s name and trademarks following Coleman’s (license) termination (on May 12).”
The court “left open for later decision the issue of equitable relief and monetary damages,” Coleman said.