Cruise Inn, launched in November, announced that the majority of the board members for the Colorado Campground & Lodging Owners’ Association (CCLOA) have partnered with the company. According to a press release, Cruise Inn provides membership opportunities and benefits to independent RV park and campground owners. 

Recently agreeing to convert their RV Parks to Cruise Inn are:

• CCLOA President Rick Stauter, Cutty’s Hayden Creek Resort, Coaldale.

• CCLOA Vice Presidents Mari and Tom Garland, Junction West RV Park, Grand Junction.

• CCLOA Regional Directors Stan and Pat Stehwien, Gunnison Lakeside Resort, Gunnison.

• CCLOA Regional Directors Lars & Tamara Karlsson, Chalk Creek Campground & RV Park, Nathrop.

The parks will start operating as a Cruise Inn as early as April 1. In addition, CCLOA Vice President and Cruise Inn board member Ian Steyn is currently finalizing plans to build a Cruise Inn RV Park this year.

“We’re very excited about the direction Cruise Inn is taking in the industry, as evidenced by the buy-in of our board members,” said CCLOA Executive Director Josh Keltner. “Cruise Inn’s founders have come up with an innovative concept for the RV community, and we’re thrilled to be involved.”

“It is great to have this validation from such a reputable organization as the Colorado Campground & Lodging Owners’ Association,” said Scott Anderson, president and CEO of Cruise Inn. “We’re confident our members will enjoy the increased resources, reservation channels and park exposure, which equals increased revenue, profitability and property value.”

Cruise Inn said it is focused on providing key benefits to its members, including low fees, a simple contract, no penalties, a voice and vote in all brand initiatives, member-directed standards and brand policies, innovative technology, PRS training, distribution marketing, worldwide sales and marketing, comprehensive support and a brand powered by trusted industry resources.