A Colorado recreational vehicle dealer is donating between 60 and 70 tents to the local scouting groups as part of an annual promotion, according to a report in the Grand Junction (Col.) Daily Sentinel.
During the month of May, Gibson RVs ran its “Trade-a-Tent” sales event, offering a $500 trade-in credit to customers who donated a new tent earmarked for the area scouting organizations and the Civil Air Patrol. This is the sixth year the Grand Valley dealer has run the promotion.
“We’ve actually had customers say, ‘I’m going to buy an RV from you, but I’m going to wait until May and do the tent thing,’” said owner Rick Gibson. said.
“It’s a win-win-win,” he added. “Customers win because they get the $500 trade-in, the scouts win because they get the tents, and let’s be honest, Gibson RVs wins because we sell a lot of RVs.”
Nancy Barnes, membership and program specialist for the Girl Scouts’ Chipeta Council in Mesa County, said that because of the tent donations, the Girl Scouts can offer its members tents to check out for family outings, as well as for Girl Scout outdoor education campouts.
“Because Mr. Gibson does this, we can have outdoor programming,” Barnes said.
Keith Alder, scout executive for the Western Colorado Council of the Boy Scouts, said new tents donated by Gibson will be used as prizes in the Boy Scouts’ annual fund-raising popcorn sale. Scouts who raise more than $1,000 by selling popcorn are eligible to receive a tent, he said.
Many of the tents that customers present to Gibson RVs during the promotion are small, one- or two-person tents purchased new at local outdoor-equipment stores, Gibson said.
Richard Lawson, a first lieutenant with the Civil Air Patrol, said his organization takes the tents that the scouting organizations can’t use. The patrol uses the tents during search-and-rescue missions and training.
Gibson said that in the six years of the promotion, he has given between 500 and 600 tents to local scouting organizations.