Mount Massive trailer by Colorado Teardrops

Mount Massive trailer by Colorado Teardrops

Colorado Teardrops announced the introduction of its 2017 line of consumer camping teardrops, offering new design and construction processes to increase durability and longevity.

According to a press release, the new line is built with structural aluminum to frame the sidewalls and ceilings, ensuring the trailer is impervious to water and weather damage. Instead of marine grade plywood, lauan and paint on waterproofing, the models also feature structural aluminum to form the cabin. 

Since its founding three years ago, the Boulder-based company has designed seven different styles of teardrop trailers to cover retro, off-road, and commercial teardrop uses. The company employs a rental fleet to serve as a testing ground for its trailers while also adopting a factory-direct selling model.

Features of the new 2017 product line include:

• Basedrop — The lightest and least expensive teardrop in the line built around a queen-size bed and offering full insulation and a rear galley for cooking.

• Canyonland — Offers the same cabin as the Basedrop, but strengthened for off-road, off-grid camping. The Canyonland sits on BF Goodrich Radial T/As with lots of clearance and is light enough to be towed by a two-door Jeep. An optional articulative hitch is available.

• Mount Massive — Available in retro or light off-road models to be towed by Subaru Legacy Wagons and able to host a family of four. Features include a couch, couch/bunkbed and table, and galley kitchen. 

• Summit Teardrop — The “extreme” off-road trailer can accommodate a family of four. With the same options as the Mount Massive, the Summit Teardrop has a full skid plate, nerf bars, hardened fenders doubling as steps, and 35-inch off-road BF Goodrich Radial T/As. 

• Other 2017 innovations include the use of solar generators for power collection and distribution in and out of the teardrop.

Along with the line of consumer teardrops, Colorado Teardrops also launched its commercial line of Teardrops for mobile marketing, product promotion and sales, including the BeerDrop, JuiceDrop and CoffeeDrop.