unnamedIt was a week ago today (Feb. 13) that the 2017 RVB/Wells Fargo Survey, a rather straight-forward, nonscientific, 20-question poll, was first emailed to a thousand U.S. and Canadian RV retailers. And we’re sending you this note today (Feb. 20) to remind you of that fact and to urge North America’s RV dealers like you to find the time to complete this non-intrusive survey.

Any dealer who hasn’t gotten the survey, which takes a retrospective look at 2016 and a speculative glance at the year ahead, can access it by clicking on the logo above or the same logo that appears on the right side of the RVBUSINESS.com home page.

“Of course, we’ve all seen the positive reports on 2016 that show shipments and retail activity continuing to surge for a seventh consecutive year of industry-wide growth with 2016 shipments up 15.1% to 430,691 units,” noted Sherm Goldenberg, publisher of Elkhart, Ind.-based RVBusiness. “Now, for the sake of all the OEM’s, suppliers, distributors and dealers who are themselves still making critical fiscal decisions for the year ahead, we’re asking RV retailers to take a moment – it’s that quick – to tell us what you experienced in general terms last year and what you’re thinking the future might hold for the North American RV industry, given the economic signals you’re seeing on the horizon.

“That said, we’re hoping you can get us those completed surveys by the end of business next Monday, Feb. 27, so we can post the results on RVBUSINESS.com by early March and publish a more in-depth review of the results in the March/April issue of RVBusiness.”