Composite materials made by Hanwha Azdel, located in Forest, Va., with a commercial applications center in Warren, Mich., are products that can be used as an alternative to lauan plywood.

According to a press release, RV construction materials contribute to an RV’s weight and some can make them less fuel-efficient. Lauan plywood is typically used in RV construction and is heavier than composite materials that manufacturers are beginning to integrate into their construction processes today. RVs also take on weight when wood is exposed to moisture.

In addition, natural fiber decomposition can occur with lauan that may cause rot, mold and mildew formation, along with warping. According to the release, decomposition can lead to delamination or separation of layers in the material reducing its strength no matter the age of the RV. Adhesive failure can also occur when lauan is exposed to water and temperature variations, which may cause wet/dry cycles. 

Composite materials are moisture resistant, lightweight, and stronger than wood, allowing the RV to be fuel-efficient. These puncture and impact resistant materials provide increased durability.

With a higher insulation value than wood RVers will also experience less heating and cooling costs and a quieter ride with less road and outside noise. These features allow for more comfort, lower operating costs, better safety, increased durability and longevity, the release stated.

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