Several hundred Lazy Days RV Supercenter employees were victims of a computer glitch that caused their direct deposit paychecks to be withdrawn from accounts a few days after payday, according to the Tampa Tribune.
Automatic Data Processing Inc., the company that handles the Seffner, Fla., company’s payroll, recently deposited the paychecks into employees’ accounts, but four days later withdrew the paychecks without notice.
The money was back the next day, along with a letter of apology from ADP and a pledge to pay any overdraft fees that resulted from the glitch.
Stewart Schaffer, Lazy Days’ chief of marketing and communication, said the payroll give-and-take barely generated any buzz among employees, and he expressed confidence the problem was a one- time incident.
“It really was a nonissue,” he said. “We’re back to business as usual.”
Last year, direct-deposit payments increased 5% to more than 4.2 billion transactions nationwide, according to NACHA, a national electronic payment association. Experts say 71% of private-sector employees use direct deposit.
Michael Herd, a spokesman for NACHA, said problems such as the one at Lazy Days are not common. The organization, which represents 12,000 financial institutions, usually gets reports of one or two massive problems a year, he said.
“More than likely, you’ll never have a problem like this,” Herd said. “You are still more likely to have a problem with a check.”