As one might expect, some massive, well-appointed recreational vehicles glistened at the 60th Annual Kansas Sports, Boat and Travel Show last weekend.

As reported by the Wichita Eagle, what really caught Helen Lenagar’s eye in the Sam Fulco Pavilion were some of the smaller, shapelier RV trailers.

They are aerodynamic, teardrop-shaped trailers, big enough to sleep two and maybe the dog, but small enough to be towed by more fuel-efficient vehicles.

“We just came here to look, and these things are really sharp,” Lenagar said. “They’re catching everybody’s eyes.”

According to a sales brochure, the diminutive trailers are inspired by the “classic teardrop camper trailer of the 1940s.”

Lenagar, 69, and her husband, Gregg, 66, used to have a large RV. “We didn’t use it that much,” Gregg Lenagar said.

Eighty percent of Wichitans don’t have or want a vehicle big enough to pull some of the larger RV trailers, said Bill Ledgerwood, president of Flint Hills RV.

So the smaller teardrop trailers, which have many of the features that bigger trailers do, are attracting buyers, Ledgerwood said.

He has been in the RV business for about 40 years, and right now “it’s booming,” he said.

And the boom comes in large part from baby boomers.

“Traveling seems to be pretty high on their list,” he said.

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