Consumer confidence declined last week but it remains “well above” levels before the war with Iraq, according to Rasmussen Reports, a consumer research firm.
Meanwhile, over the weekend, investor confidence reached its highest level so far in 2003, before declining slightly today (March 31), according to Rasmussen Reports.
The results are based upon a national telephone survey of 1,500 adults.
“America’s economic confidence is closely tied to perceptions of the war with Iraq,” according to Rasmussen Reports. “Since Thursday (March 27), the percentage of Americans who believe Saddam Hussein’s regime will survive has fallen from 12% to 9%. It’s no coincidence that the Rasmussen Investor Index has gained six points during that same time frame.”
There also are signs that Americans are developing “viewer fatigue,”, the survey firm added. “88% of Americans say they are closely following events in Iraq. That’s down from 92% a week ago.
“Investor interest in war news remains unchanged,” Rasmussen Reports continued. “The percentage of noninvestors following the war closely has fallen from 92% to 85% in a week.”