The late 1990s and the first couple of years of the current decade were not kind to the conversion vehicle industry, but it did finish 2002 in the plus column when compared with 2001, according to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA).
Although van-conversion shipments declined 6.1% in December to 3,100 units compared with 3,300 units delivered to auto dealers in December 2001, van-conversion shipments were up 4.7% when all of 2002 is compared with 2001. There were 47,100 van conversions shipped to car dealers in 2002, compared with 45,000 units in 2001.
Meanwhile, shipments of converted pickups increased 50% in December to 1,200 units, compared with 800 units a year earlier. In 2002, shipments of converted pickups increased 7.4% to to 15,900 units, compared with 14,800 units in 2001.
Shipments of converted sport utility vehicles ) were flat in December at 200 units, the same number delivered to dealers in December 2001. In 2002, shipments of converted SUVs increased 6.8% to 4,700 units, compared with 4,400 units in 2001.