The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) is expected to decide during its annual meeting in Wisconsin in September whether conversion-vehicle companies will remain members of the association.
The question of conversion-vehicle membership arose earlier this year during private deliberations regarding RVIA’s strategic plan. The RVIA board postponed a decision during Committee Week in June.
“In some respects, it is a review of whether it is a good value for the dollar and the services from the perspective of the association and the CV (conversion vehicle) members,” said CV Committee Chairman Vern Kauffman, president of conversion firm L.A. West Inc., LaGrange Ind.
RVIA President Dave Humphreys told RVBUSINESS.COM it is unlikely that CV members will be voted out of the RVIA similar to the way park model manufacturers were voted out in 1994, and then formed their own association (the Recreational Park Trailer Industry Association) shortly thereafter. “But there’s definitely a chance,” Humphreys added. “When you do strategic planning, the most basic thing that comes up is what your goals are. In assessing our goals, it stood out that we are representing a vehicle that is not an RV. It’s that simple.”
During an unpublicized town-hall meeting in South Bend, Ind., in May, CV members were overwhelmingly in favor of retaining their RVIA membership, Kauffman said. “The long and short answer was, ‘Yes, we want RVIA to continue to represent the CV segment,’ ” Kauffman said. “Ultimately, the RVIA board will decide what’s in the best interests of both parties.”
The RVIA’s annual meeting is scheduled for Sept. 14-16 at the Grand Geneva Resort and Spa in Lake Geneva, Wis.