The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association Board decided this week that the association will continue to represent conversion vehicle manufacturers, RVIA President Dave Humphreys announced today (Sept. 16) during the annual membership meeting in Lake Geneva, Wis.
“However, the board has encouraged them, in fact, required them, to have of a somewhat different structure,” Humphrey said. “That way, our (the RVIA’s strategic plan) will continue to be focused on RVs but we will have a separate entity, sort of, within the association that specializes in the representation of conversion vehicles.
“The conversion vehicle folks are very comfortable with that,” Humphreys added. “They feel it will be an excellent solution to a very difficult problem.”
Conversion vehicle manufacturers have been members of the RVIA for many years, dating at least back to when major RV manufacturers including Coachmen, Jayco and Winnebago had significant van-conversion manufacturing operations.
But in the last several years, the major RV manufacturers have stopped building van conversions.
Additionally, van conversions and converted pickups and sport utility vehicles are retailed through new car dealers, not RV dealerships, which helps explain why representing the conversion vehicle segment was not included in the RVIA’s recently formulated long-range strategic plan.
Humphreys noted, however, “The conversion vehicle folks have made a great effort throughout all this to reinvigorate their segment.
He said it was suggested “they be allowed to apply the (RVIA) seal to every single vehicle that they convert, and that has not been the rule in the past.”
The RVIA board “happily endorsed” the conversion vehicle manufacturers’ offer to buy more RVIA certification seals, Humphreys said.