Campground Owners of New York (CONY) reports that its staff and board of directors hosted 91 campgrounds and 25 vendors at informative single-day zone meetings and trade shows held March 27-30 in Queensbury, Kingston, Liverpool and Batavia, N.Y.

According to a report by Woodalls Campground Management, topics discussed ranged from Justice Department rulings on pool accessibility for the handicapped, to survey data, legislative issues, and summer marketing programs, according to a news release.

Clyde Taylor, president of Taylor Communications, served as keynote speaker at each meeting, with an address titled, “What If?…Lessons Learned from Entrepreneurs. They Can Guide Your Future Thinking.” Taylor’s presentation took a very candid look at the outdoor hospitality industry – specifically camping and RV parks in New York state – from an entrepreneur’s viewpoint, focusing on “what’s coming” in our industry and what owners, operators and managers should be doing to address both the opportunities and the challenges that lay ahead.

After each meeting, attendees could apply to be a part of a case study of campground business operations Taylor will conduct this summer, with results to be revealed later this year. Interest was high, and eight different operations will be selected to participate in the case study.

Mike Papp, CONY board president and owner of West Canada Creek Campsites in Poland, N.Y., noted, “Clyde has really challenged us to step up our game. We are not ‘just’ a campground, we are an entrepreneurial business that generates a great deal of revenue and provides opportunities for other businesses in the areas where we’re located. (Taylor’s) presentation was inspiring and his new micro-focused case study should give us very exciting insights into our industry.”

Of particular interest to attendees at the zone meetings was the recent action by the U.S. Department of Justice, which issued a 60-day stay on the enforcement of new regulations regarding handicapped accessibility to pools and spas, while it collects more public comment on the issues of ramps and lifts. The regulations were implemented in 2010 as part of changes to the Americans With Disabilities Act, which require pools have two accessible means of entry (such as a ramp or lift) and that spas have lift systems for use by handicapped persons.

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