In a segment titled “Go RVing and Go Green” on the popular Fox and Friends morning show on Saturday (April 18), President Richard Coon, president of the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), touted the RV industry’s innovations in creating fuel efficient, environmentally friendly RVs.

The segment, secured through the efforts of RVIA’s public relations team, featured Forest River Inc.’s R-Pod ultra-light travel trailer and Damon’s Avanti type A motorhome as examples of the industry’s latest innovations. As the camera panned the units’ features, Coon discussed the affordable amenities offered by both models, saying about the towable, “This unit is smaller, lighter, but it’s compact – and has everything in it.”

He pointed out that ultra-light travel trailers like this are small enough to be hauled by the new crossover SUVs or even a minivan. About the motorhome Coon said, “It’s one of the new, high efficiency, eco-friendly diesels. I have a Suburban that I drive that gets somewhere between 14, 15 and 16 miles per gallon – and this gets the same.”

Later in the show, the weatherman teased the weather report from behind the wheel of the Class A motorhome.  He said, “These things (motorhomes) have gotten pretty cool,”  and called the motorhome “a really nice ride” before saying that now is a good time to buy an RV.

RVIA Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Gary LaBella said, “Coon’s appearance on the top-ranked cable news morning show Fox and Friends, a show watched by an average of 1 million potential RV owners, helped to drive home the message that the RV industry is innovative and adapting to the times. Interviews like this are incredibly helpful in getting out the good word about RVing, and wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of members like Forest River and Damon, who provided vehicles for the segment.”

RVIA’s PR team will broaden the impact of the segment by merchandising it on Twitter and Facebook. It will also appear in www.GoRVing.com “Going Green” section and is available on the FOX website: http://www.foxnews.com/search-results/m/22117461/go-rv-go-green.htm#q=RV.