Luxury motorcoach manufacturer Country Coach today (Aug. 26) announced the successful sale and export of the company’s first motorcoach to China. The motorcoach, a 2009 Allure 470 Veranda, was shipped from the port of Everett, Wash., directly to the port of Dalian in northeastern China.

Company managers are cautiously optimistic about Country Coach’s growth opportunities in the burgeoning China market. 

“While we have been exploring potential inroads into China, in this case the importers sought us out. It is gratifying to know that our quality and innovation are ideally suited to their market needs,” said Jay Howard, Country Coach president and CEO.

The company’s clients in China selected the Allure 470 with the Veranda feature due to the coach’s reliability, spacious floorplan and unique balcony feature. They intend to deliver the motorcoach to regional celebrity clientele, who will use it to live in and interact with their fans from the Veranda.

“The new owners look forward to enjoying China’s natural beauty from the Veranda, as well as the opportunity to visit with their fans while staying above the crowds,” said Jim Howard, senior vice president of sales and service.