Country Coach Inc.’s proposed expansion to its manufacturing complex in Junction City, Ore., would almost double the size of its existing plant, according to documents filed with the city.
The Register-Guard reported that plans call for a $15 million, 330,000-square-foot factory on farmland south of the current 450,000-square-foot plant, which employs more than 1,600 people.
Country Coach is asking that a 74-acre ryegrass field be brought into the city’s urban growth boundary and rezoned from agricultural use to light industrial use.
The City Council will review most of the lengthy application next month, but probably won’t take any action on it until early April, City Administrator Mike Leighton said. Country Coach has been told that the approval process could take four to six months.
“The application to Junction City for the 74 acres has been filed,” Country Coach spokeswoman Carol Taylor Clay said. “Now begins the wait.”
To get the go-ahead to start building on the 74 acres, Country Coach must show that its plan is consistent with statewide planning goals regarding such issues as land use, protection of natural resources and state economic development.
Country Coach also must address concerns such as identifying and mitigating potential wetlands on the site and making road improvements to ease traffic congestion caused by the expansion.
Country Coach, a subsidiary of National RV Holdings Inc., Perris, Calif., has been eager to expand for some time. President Jay Howard predicts a 20% increase in production this year and the company plans to add 67 workers in May.
While it waits for answers from Junction City, Country Coach is considering buying a vacant plant in Eugene, Ore.
National RV is in talks with the Philadelphia-based owner of the 276,606-square-foot plant, which sits on 6.35 acres.
Taylor Clay said the company could buy the Eugene plant while it proceeds with an expansion in Junction City.
“Either one of them is not exclusive of the other,” she said.