Motorhome builder Country Coach Inc. has canceled a consumer rally scheduled for March 9-13 at Jekyll Island, Ga.
In a note to owners on the company website, Country Coach said because of an extended closure at the its headquarters in Junction City, Ore., the “marketing department has been unable to coordinate the event.”
In early January, Country Coach warned its employees that it would shut down for good if it was unable to obtain new financing by Feb. 28.
Concerning the rally, Country Coach said that in its place there will be a Country Coach East Coast event held in the Virginia/Washington D.C. area in early June.
“Exact dates and location will be announced once Country Coach’s Junction City facilities are operational again in March,” the website said. “At that time if you wish to transfer your rally registration fee to that rally, we will be happy to do so. Also at that time, you will be able to let us know if the June schedule does not fit in your plans, and we’ll process your registration refund.”