A major deal involving Oregon’s Washington County and the city of Hillsboro proposes to spend up to $2 million to build what officials are calling a regional destination for recreational vehicles at the Washington State Fairgrounds.

The Oregonian reported that under the proposed agreement, the city would pay to build an urban RV park on five acres of land now owned by the county.

In exchange, Hillsboro would receive ownership of 15 acres of recreational space at the fairgrounds that the city has managed and maintained as sports fields for the past 40 years, according to a joint news release.

Both entities have been working quietly for weeks to iron our details of the proposed deal.

“This partnership makes sense for everyone,” Hillsboro Mayor Jerry Wiley said. “The city can invest in the ball fields to improve the user experience for local families.

“Meanwhile,” he added, “Washington County secures the city’s help in building the urban RV park, creating a regional destination for RV owners, boosting businesses that benefit from tourism, and giving visitors another great option while enjoying the fair.”

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