RV rental firm Cruise America Inc. is expanding operations and adding two locations on the East Coast to reach out to customers and meet the growing demand for RVs, reports the East Valley Tribune.
The firm recently opened an outlet in Manassas, Va., and will open a New Milford, Conn., store next month, said CEO and Chairman Randall Smalley. Based in Mesa, Ariz., the company is the nation’s largest RV rental company and has more than 150 rental and sales locations across the United States and Canada.
Smalley said the goal is to help feed a blossoming demand for recreational vehicles in the country’s northeast region.
“The West coast is pretty well developed. The big opportunity is in the Northeast where they are only starting to discover RVs. It’s a very underserved market,” Smalley said.
Cruise America management is anticipating a banner summer season because demand for the firm’s services has not waned even as gasoline prices have ticked upward, the paper reported.
“It’s a huge psychological barrier. But even if gas prices double, your cost goes up about $50 per tank,” Smalley said. “It’s not something that’s going to keep someone from taking their vacation.”
To help overcome that barrier, the company also offers a prorated discount upon checkout so the price customers pay for gas is equal to the national average of a price of unleaded gasoline. Currently, that amounts to about a 6-cent-per gallon discount, according to Smalley.