Cruise America RV Rental & Sales is offering a “fuel cost protection program” to U.S. and Canadian citizens who rent a RV from Cruise America in the U.S. between now and Dec. 31.

Under the program, Cruise America customers would get a credit if the price of regular unleaded gasoline climbs above $1.45 a gallon, the national average on April 1, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA).

Cruise America estimates the units in its fleet, primarily Class C motorhomes, get eight miles per gallon. That means, when gas costs $1.45 a gallon, it costs 18 cents to drive the RV one mile.

If, for example, the average price of regular unleaded gas climbs to $1.84 a gallon, then it costs 23 cents to drive the RV one mile, or 5 cents more per mile.

If, for example, the customer drives the unit 2,000 miles when gas costs $1.84 a gallon, then the customer would get a $100 credit against the total rental cost because of the 5 cents a mile savings offered under the program.

“We are trying to take some of the uncertainty out of renting an RV,” said Bob Caldarone, assistant vice president of marketing and development for Cruise America. “This program will keep costs down and means people won’t have to limit travel plans.”