RV rental firm Cruise America recently opened new locations, Manassas, Va., and New Milford, Conn.
Cruise America’s Manassas store opened on May 1 and the New Milford location opened on June 1, , the Mesa, Ariz.-based firm announced. Both corporate-owned stores will offer RVs for rent and refurbished RVs for purchase at depreciated price levels.
The rental company opened the Manassas location because of the high demand for both rental and sale units in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C. Rental-only stores realized the nation’s highest demand on a revenue-per-unit basis in this previously underserved market.
Cruise America’s research showed that markets with a strong demand for rentals would also provide a healthy demand for affordable refurbished sale units. With the nearest corporate-owned stores with RVs for sale in Orlando, Fla., and Elkhart, Ind., the Manassas location fit the growing need, according to the company.
The Manassas store is a key location for renters and buyers in the Washington metro area as well as those looking to explore Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, a popular year-round destination for nature lovers.
Since opening a little more than a month ago, the Manassas store has seen about 70% of its customers come in for rentals and about 30% expressing interest in RV purchases. “Educated consumers know that a late-model, refurbished RV is a much more affordable option than many of the SUVs currently on the market,” said Robert Smalley, president of Cruise America. “We also allow our sales prospects to apply most of the cost of a preliminary rental to the final purchase price of their newly purchased RV.”
The New Milford store is expected to draw customers from New York City who frequently visit the area.
Candlewood Lake is a local hotspot that attracts RVers and those who enjoy the outdoors.
Cruise America officials say the firm is the world’s largest motorhome rental and sales company, with a fleet of nearly 4,000 units including Class C motorhomes, FunMovers, which are Class C’s with garages, truck campers and nearly 100 motorcycles.