Cruise America RV Rental & Sales recently suspended its “fuel cost protection” program because the national average price for unleaded gasoline has fallen below the program’s $1.45 gallon threshold price.

The Phoenix-based firm unveiled the program last April to encourage people to rent RVs this summer by eliminating uncertainty about the cost of gasoline. At the time the program was announced, $1.45 a gallon was the national average price for gasoline, according to American Automobile Association (AAA) data.

If gas priced had climbed above $1.45 a gallon, then Cruise America customers would have gotten a credit that could have been applied against the cost of renting a vehicle from the company.

However, the average national cost of gasoline has fallen below $1.45 a gallon. For example, in Chicago and its suburbs, an area that paid the highest gas prices in the nation the last two springs due to refinery bottlenecks, self-serve regular unleaded gas cost an average of $1.408 as of July 17, according to AAA.

In the remainder of Illinois, self-serve regular unleaded cost an average of $1.348 and in northern Indiana, it cost an average of $1.242 a gallon as of July 17, the AAA reported.

AAA Chicago anticipates gas prices will trend lower unless there are distribution problems or pipeline disruptions.