Cruiser RV-Smart Key LOGOStarting with new 2015 models, all locks (baggage, entry, etc.) on Cruiser RV units will use only one key per unit, including all doors and storage compartments.

Marketed as the SmartKey system, the feature represents an industry-segment first and an exclusive feature to Cruiser RV not found on any other brand, the company stated in a press release. Toy hauler units can require many keys, often needing two for the ramp door alone, one for each lock on either side, and the entry and baggage doors.

Along with the reduction in the number of keys, SmartKey features an upgrade to an LED lighted fob with SmartKey logo as an added benefit. This is a standard feature at no additional charge.

Cruiser RV reported it had to coordinate this consolidation with several baggage door, entry door and hardware suppliers over the last year.

“My wife and I were camping with friends in Ohio and all the keys were aggravating to me,” said Jeff Fought, president of Cruiser RV. “It never fails, the key for the door you’re trying to open is always the last key you try. I thought this isn’t very user friendly, so we need to do something better for our customers.  SmartKey is just one more upgrade that supports our new theme of ‘100% Genuine’ lightweight travel trailers.”