Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 10.44.37 AMThe Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association (CRVA) announced that CSA Z240 RV Series: Recreational Vehicles, is now available for free public view-access on CSA Group’s website at “CSA Communities.” 

According to a press release, the view-access is sponsored by CRVA which will also offer its members an exclusive discounted rate to purchase a copy of the new RV Standard to help promote the safe operation of recreational vehicles as part of their agreement with CSA.

The fourth edition of CSA Z240 specifies the dimensional and safety requirements for recreational vehicles. The new edition is part of a continuing effort to synchronize the requirements for recreational vehicles across Canada and the United States. As part of CRVA’s mandate to promote quality and safety in the recreational vehicle industry, it has sponsored free online access allowing interested individuals to view the standard free-of-charge.

“The CRVA is delighted to have the opportunity to support CSA Group’s publication of the new RV Standard,” said Roger Faulkner, CRVA president. “We are extremely pleased to sponsor the “view-access” page while offering the exclusive discounted rate to purchase the new standard to our valued member companies. This is an ideal chance for the CRVA to provide value for our members and to our RV Industry partners.”

The CRVA works closely with accredited organizations to develop standards and codes for recreational vehicles. Together with federal and provincial governments, associations and organizations, the CRVA helps ensure the recreational vehicle industry is at the forefront of trends and technical improvements.