The Canada Recreation Vehicle Association (CRVA) has hired Brad Clark, previously Ontario’s minister of transport and minister of labor, as its lead executive officer.
The transition officially occurs July 1 when Don Mockford, CRVA’s executive vice president, retires from the association after 20 years.
Mockford also was executive director of Canada’s $2 million-a-year Go RVing program and will be replaced in that capacity by CRVA General Manager Sherry Denesha.
“The thing that has changed the most since I joined the association is the Go RVing program,” said Mockford, 61. “Everybody is working together for a common effect. That wasn’t happening when I joined the industry.”
Among the greatest challenges facing the CRVA, Mockford said, is trying to achieve uniform provincial enforcement of Canadian safety standards.
Mockford said the association intends to transform the position of CRVA executive vice president into president as it restructures its board of directors. The office of president is now an elected position.
“The official change will take about a year,” Mockford said.
Denesha also will take over as executive director of Campgrounds Camping Canada, a national association representing provincial campground organizations.
Initially, Mockford intends to spend his retirement sailing in his Caliber 40 sailboat named “Asseane” with his wife, Heather Mackey. They leave July 1 – the day after his retirement – for the Chesapeake Bay area from which they plan to embark on an extended voyage to the Caribbean.