Cummins Inc. announced the appointment of several new vice presidents of the company.

According to a press release, they include:

Cary Chenanda — VP of Cummins Electronics & Fuel Systems

Cummins Electronics and Fuel Systems (CEFS) is a critical technology provider to Cummins, and contributes to the company’s competitiveness in a rapidly changing market. Chenada is a long-time leader at Cummins, having served in many different parts of the company. While leading CEFS, he helped to globalize that business, while at the same time, improving costs and efficiencies.

Diana Rey-Marrero — VP of Cummins Business Services

Cummins Business Services (CBS) provides hundreds of support services that keep its global workforce focused and productive. Rey-Marrero has demonstrated strong leadership in several functions over her career, both at Cummins and at other companies. She practices the company’s key leadership behaviors in all of her interactions.

Julie Furber – Vice President, Electrified Power Business

This is a challenging leadership role as the business is new, the market is starting to develop, and the technology is rapidly changing. Company officials say Furber brings the tireless energy, strategic leadership and customer focus the company needs to launch this start-up business. 

Shon Wright — VP of Cummins Turbo Technologies

Cummins Turbo Technologies (CTT) is a business that is critical to many of the company’s key customer relationships. Under Wright’s leadership, CTT is a highly successful and profitable business for Cummins. Wright has held leadership roles in several areas of Cummins, bringing experience to his role as the CTT leader.