Friday (May 17) at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Cummins Inc., along with the Governor of Indiana and the mayors of Columbus, Greenwood and Indianapolis, announced plans to expand its presence along the “Cummins Corridor.”

School Transportation News reported that Cummins officials said the company will build new projects and invest along I-65 in its global headquarters in Columbus, in Greenwood and in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Over the long-term, Cummins projects continued global growth, including in Indiana, where it currently employs over 10,000 people. To address future growth expectations, Cummins is continuing to execute on its plans to create work environments across the state that foster growth, and help attract and retain top talent.

As part of this plan, Cummins announced that Columbus will be the primary North American manufacturing center and corporate hub for the Electrified Power Business, with a significant presence at the Columbus Engine Plant. It will also locate a new office building to serve as a hub for digital and information technology employees in Greenwood.

Also, in Indianapolis, the company announced that it has renovated space at the Salesforce tower, and is in the process of building out additional space at its distribution business headquarters in downtown Indianapolis.

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