The layoffs at Cummins Inc., which were announced today (Nov. 6), will not impact its motorhome engine business, according to a company spokeswoman.

Cummins, based in Columbus, Ind., announced it will reduce its salaried workforce by around 350 people in response to the drop in demand for heavy-duty truck engines in North America. The layoffs will occur over the next four weeks.

Last week, Cummins announced it would reduce its hourly workforce in Southern Indiana by 150 people.

However, the diesel engines Cummins supplies to the motorhome segment of the RV industry are in the medium-duty category, so its motorhome engine business is not impacted by the layoffs, according to Cummins spokeswoman Dorothy Brown Smith.

“We will be able to continue doing what we’re currently doing,” Brown Smith said.

The layoffs also will not impact any R&D efforts Cummins has in progress, she added.