A spirit of excitement radiated in downtown Columbus, Ind., as Cummins Inc. celebrated its 100th anniversary, although an overcast sky and rain put a damper on a few of the festivities.

The Republic reported that the Fortune 200 company planned for about 13,000 current and former employees and their families to join the party Saturday morning and afternoon, and a large number of them enjoyed the many displays that showed the company’s evolution, breadth and future.

Lined along Jackson Street were an array of semis and trucks from different eras — including a 1937 Stutz Fire Engine once used by the Columbus Fire Department — that were all powered Cummins diesel engines.

Some of the very first engines that the company produced — featuring a minuscule 6- or 8-horsepower compared to those now that produce hundreds or thousands — thumped, hummed and billowed smoke, giving viewers a sense of the company’s roots and an appreciation for the evolution of Cummins’ diesel technology.

Providing juxtaposition, sitting opposite of the old engines, was Cummins’ electric-powered semi, representing the company’s newest business segment of electrification.

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