Cummins Inc. announced that it will be releasing a five-part video series that highlights the benefits of diesel powered motorhomes compared to their gasoline counterparts. According to a press release, the video series is hosted by Evie, Cummins RV road travel expert, with each short video covering a different topic, including: fuel economy, hill climbing capability, noise comparison levels, vehicle braking differences and customer support.

Cummins produced the video series to educate customers on the ways a diesel choice can aid in RV travel, both economically and logistically. The video series shows consumers, through demonstrations, the benefits of diesel powered RVs for excursions across the country, including overall savings on mileage and improvement in travel comfort levels. With various field tests on how diesel works for an RV, the video series yields compelling results regarding the differences between diesel and gasoline for powering motorhomes.

“With this video series, we want to demonstrate to consumers the numerous benefits behind choosing a diesel powered RV and how beneficial diesel fuel can be for traveling near and far with their Cummins RV diesel engines,” said Jodie Wilson, marketing communications director at Cummins. “Creating a fun yet informative series and laying out all the facts on diesel powered motorhomes will give consumers the chance to decide for themselves which type of RV is best for them.”

The videos will be available on the Cummins RV website, as well as the Cummins Engines YouTube channel and the Cummins RV Facebook page.