CURT Manufacturing LLC, a leading manufacturer and marketer of top-quality towing products, has expanded its bike rack line with the addition of tray-style bike racks. According to a press release, tray-style bike racks offer the perfect solution for hauling bicycles along for a road trip or ride on the trail. 

CURT’s tray-style bike racks are different than the traditional hitch-mounted bike racks. Each bike is nestled between soft, padded arms, and the wheels are simply placed atop the arms of the rack, making it much easier compared to lifting the bike frame onto the traditional bike rack. The padded arms are also easy to adjust for a variety of bike frame sizes, including kids’ bikes.

The rack’s arms fold-up into a compact size when not in use, and the tilt-away feature allows for rear-vehicle access while the bike rack is attached to the hitch. There is no need to worry about bike movement while towing because CURT’s tray-style bike rack features an anti-wobble shank.

CURT offers two different models of the tray-style bike rack. The first carries two bikes and up to 90 pounds. It has a 1 1/4” shank with a 2-inch adapter sleeve, allowing the rack to be carried on hitches with either size receiver tube opening. The second tray-style bike rack is perfect for a family camping trip or road trip with friends. It has the ability to carry up to four bikes and 180 pounds. This bike rack is made to fit a 2” shank.

For a video on the perfect bike-carrying solution, click here. For more information on CURT Manufacturing products click here.