CURT Manufacturing, a leading manufacturer of towing products, introduced a line of Xtra Duty and Commercial Duty hitches along with an Xtra Duty+ and Commercial Duty+ line designed for heavy duty towing.

“Our customers want hitches that can carry their toughest, heaviest loads without the worry of their hitch bending or breaking. The new high capacity hitch line will bring our customers what they’ve been missing,” says Phil Cushman, senior vice president of engineering and OES business for CURT Manufacturing.

According to a press release, CURT increased Gross Trailer Weight (GTW) by 2,000 pounds or greater for both the Xtra Duty and Commercial Duty hitch lines. Xtra Duty hitches now have capacities up to 16,000 pounds GTW and a tongue weight of 2,400. The addition of XD+ series hitches pushes those capacities up to 17,000 pounds GTW and 2,550 pounds tongue weight. Commercial Duty hitches now have capacities of up to 18,000 pounds GTW and a tongue weight of 2,700 pounds while  the new CD+ series can tow 20,000 pounds.

The XD and XD+ line has a 2-inch receiver opening and the CD and CD+ line has a 2 1/2-inch receiver opening. This line of hitches boasts large, powerful main bodies and the safety chain plates feature wide openings for hooks and chains. CURT uses strong, grade-8 hardware made with yellow zinc, which resists rust and corrosion. CURT also uses 9/16-inch bolts on most applications that amp up the strength compared to 1/2” bolts.

XD and CD hitches are completed with a durable carbide powder coat finish that will keep products looking like new. The Xtra Duty and Commercial Duty hitch line is now available. For more information and to watch a product video, click here.