CURT, a manufacturer of hitches and a complete line of towing products, is expanding its hitch manufacturing capacity in Eau Claire, Wis., and consolidating electrical manufacturing operations in Eau Claire and the Philippines into one location.

According to a press release, CURT has experienced significant growth in all categories this past year, and in response the company decided to expand its hitch manufacturing capacity and flexibility in Eau Claire by reallocating space previously used to manufacture other products in the line.

The wiring harness business is one of the categories where the company has seen substantial growth. As CURT prepares to launch new technologically advanced products, that category has been one area of focus. Currently, CURT manufactures harnesses in a facility in the Philippines and a small portion of the Eau Claire plant. Operations have been consolidated into one location in Mexico.

The decision will both allow the company to expand hitch production in Eau Claire and bring manufacturing of wiring business under one consolidated operation closer to the market. The location also offers plenty of capacity to absorb the growth Curt is planning planning for its electrical business.

“This represents a significant investment for CURT Group and gives us the opportunity to increase our hitch manufacturing capacity in our Eau Claire facility,” the release stated. “We expect to use all the space we will have in Mexico for the electrical business over time and have no plans to move other manufacturing to Mexico.”

CURT is currently hiring and the affected 30 people will all be offered other positions at the facility so there will be no negative impact to the level of employment in Eau Claire, the company said.

“We recognize the significance of this change. As such, a great deal of care and effort has gone into solidifying a plan, ensuring a seamless transition for continued on-time product delivery,” the release stated. “We have built many months of projected demand in advance and expect no disruption in service during the transition. Electrical production in Eau Claire and the Philippines is scheduled to be completely relocated by Dec. 1.