University of Michigan economist Richard Curtin upgraded his forecast for 2005 RV shipments to 359,500 wholesale deliveries, representing a 2.9% decline from 2004.
Curtin forecast in June that 2005 shipments would decline 3.5% to 357,100 units compared to last year, which established a 25-year benchmark for the industry.
The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) reported that 259,500 units had been shipped through August.
Curtin’s latest projections, appearing in the Fall 2005 issue of Roadsigns, did not reflect the flurry of units delivered by OEM’s to be used as temporary housing for Hurricane Katrina victims.
According to Curtin, shipments are expected to “ease further” in 2006 to 349,700 units due to the combined effects of rising interest rates, higher gas prices and a higher inflation rate.