CURT, a manufacturer of hitches and a complete line of towing products, has introduced Spectrum brake control, offering a unique design and powerful interface.

According to a press release, the Spectrum controls all brake settings with a simple push-button rotary knob. The knob mounts onto the dash of the vehicle, integrating with the other buttons and dials and providing a clean, OEM-style look and feel.

In addition, the interface of the Spectrum is separated from the main module. While the knob is mounted on the dash of the vehicle, the main module can be installed anywhere, at any orientation.

The Spectrum brake control features a highly responsive, easy-to-read interface. Embedded in the rotary knob are ten tri-color LEDs that ramp up and change color depending on the brake control’s mode and settings. The LEDs also communicate trailer brake activity and can be adjusted for sunny or low-light conditions.

Powering the Spectrum is an advanced triple-axis accelerometer that provides smooth, safe stops for virtually any vehicle-trailer combination, on any grade. Whether going up a hill or down into a valley, the Spectrum detects the motion of the vehicle and supplies the exact amount of power needed to brake safely and effectively.

The CURT Spectrum brake control is also easy to install and is made from quality components for long-lasting operation. It allows for two different mounting options – a surface-adhesive mount on the dash or a drill-mount through the dash. It is also compatible with all CURT quick plug harnesses for a custom fit with no splicing required. Like all CURT brake controls, the Spectrum is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Click here to see a feature video of the Spectrum™ brake control. Click here to see a brake control user’s guide.