Participants at Camp Watcha Wanna Do

In what participants described as an “amazing camp experience,” CWRV Transport staff spent time Wednesday (June 13) at Camp Watcha Wanna Do, a not-for-profit organization providing camping opportunities for young cancer survivors in Wolcottville, Ind. (To view a slide show of the experience, scroll to the right side of the page.)

Rob Jackson, president of CWRV Transport which delivers RVs primarily for Camping World dealerships, told RVBUSINESS.com that his Elkhart, Ind.-based company forged a relationship with Camp Watcha Wanna Do a year ago after hearing of the campground and the KOA Care Camps organization at the 2017 RV Industry Power Breakfast, an event facilitated by RVBusiness and held annually at the RV/MH Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Ind.

“There were five of us, and from 9 a.m. to noon we participated in their volunteer activities like drama classes, cooking classes, and orienteering – which was pretty cool. We split up so we were able to visit with the kids and work with the kids individually, which helped us gain a different perspective,” Jackson told RVBUSINESS.com

“I guess what struck me most was seeing all the kids being involved in so much activity,” he continued. “They were singing and laughing and just having fun. It didn’t feel like it was an oncology camp at all. Sure, there was evidence of it – there was a medical center there – but it just felt like it was a haven for the kids to just come and be kids.”

In addition to Jackson, other CWRV staffers participating in the event included Laurie Ahlbrand, Brittany Braun, Diane Bertsche, and Randy Torrence. 

CWRV President Rob Jackson (L) and employees stepped up to help with Camp Watcha Wanna Do

“It really put a lot of things into perspective for me and how blessed I am to have a healthy family,” said Ahlbrand. “To meet these kids that have such huge challenges but are so brave and strong. It was amazing.”

Braun said that when looking at 99% of the kids at Care Camp you would have never known that they had cancer. “They were all so full of life and joy even though they were all fighting a horrible battle,” she said.

Likewise, Bertche said it was great to see how the money CWRV employees have been giving to the camp gives the kids “an opportunity to have fun, experience camping, and even learn some new things.”

“The name of the camp fits well,” added Torrence, “because for this week Camp Director Jennyfer Belkema and her people do whatever it takes to give them a chance to do whatever they want or could dream of doing. From a Confidence Course that is 25 feet in the air, to flowing water from a real live fire engine, to riding horses the activities that they offer are unbelievable. I myself enjoyed working with the drama club and will be going back to camp tonight to enjoy their performance.”

CWRV’s visit coincided with CWRV’s launch of www.CampRandy.com, a series of CWRV-produced videos designed to provide safety, maintenance, and operating training so people can better enjoy the RV lifestyle.