Damon Corp. now is making the full exterior body paint option available on its Intruder highline gas Class A motorhome, according to Gary Groom, president.
The Elkhart, Ind.-based company also offers the full body paint option on its Ultrasport entry-level diesel pusher and its Escaper raised rail diesel.
Full body paint was introduced by Damon on the Escaper during the Louisville Show last November and it became available on the Ultrasport about two months ago and on the Intruder about three weeks ago.
The base retail price for the Intruder ranges from $99,900 to $106,000, according to Damon’s website, www.damonrv.com. The full body paint option adds $7,693 to the Intruder’s price along with an additional $1,393 for a fiberglass roof and $1,470 for color-matched awnings.
The full body paint option could move into lower gas Class A price ranges if the cost comes down, Groom said. “A year-ago, we (the industry) wouldn’t have predicted it (full body paint) moving into upper end gas,” he added.
The popularity of gas Class A’s with full body paint has contributed to the strong wholesale and retail markets for Class A’s so far this year, Groom said. However, Groom said the phenomenon is new, so full body paint is not the primary reason for the strength of the Class A market.
Retail buyers are attracted to full body paint because it makes a gas Class A resemble a diesel unit. It also makes lower-priced diesel pushers appear to be higher-end coaches, Groom said.
Additionally, full body paint prevents fiberglass oxidation, which is a significant issue in Southern states where the Sun’s ultraviolet rays are more intense. Consequently, retail buyers believe full body paint “makes it easier to keep their coach looking clean and new,” Groom said.