Thor Industries Inc. announced today (Sept. 2) that its Damon Motor Coach subsidiary is moving to “larger, more efficient manufacturing facilities” adjacent to Four Winds International Corp., another Thor company.
According to a press release, Four Winds will consolidate its Class A production into a 165,000-square-foot plant while Damon will occupy a 190,000-square-foot plant built by Thor in 2005. Both companies are located in Elkhart, Ind.
“It replaces Damon’s existing older facilities which are spread out in several locations,” said Bill Fenech, Damon president. “The new facility will enable us to produce gas and diesel motorhomes much more efficiently. We plan to retain a majority of our work force.”
He added, “Damon and Four Winds will remain independent companies. Each company will continue to develop, build, and sell their own brands and will continue to serve their separate dealer networks.”
Dicky Riegel, Thor’s COO, said that the moves were designed to “right-size both companies and recognize the tough motorhome market.”
“We plan to retain and expand the current Damon and Four Winds brands which have increased to 15.1% of the motorized market this year, up from 14.1% last year,” Riegel said.
He noted that Four Winds’ Mandalay Division, which previously occupied the plant Damon will occupy by the first of next year, will consolidate its operations in unused space in Four Winds’ main factory across the street.