Class A motorhome manufacturer Damon Corp. believes its online salesperson training program is a success, but the Elkhart, Ind.-based company now is planning to conduct a more traditional national dealer meeting during the summer of 2003, according to Gary Groom, RV Division president and CEO.
Damon may have been the first RV manufacturer to conduct a “virtual dealer meeting” to introduce its 2003 model year products. It also had a dealer open house at its facilities in Elkhart during the last week of June.
Dealers with a username and password have been able, since late June, to view images and text describing Damon’s 2003 models by visiting the company’s website, www.damonrv.com. Damon was “moderately successful” in getting dealership principals to view its new products online and place orders, in lieu of traveling to a dealer meeting.
Meanwhile, the number of Damon dealers attending the company’s open house in Elkhart was down to one-quarter to one-third of the usual dealer meeting turnout, Groom said.
Consequently, next year, Damon is planning to have “a more elaborate model introduction, similar to what we did in the past,” Groom said. Although the location for neat year’s Damon dealer meeting has not been selected, Groom said the convention center in nearby South Bend, Ind., is the most likely candidate.
However, Damon is very pleased with the number of dealership sales people visiting damonrv.com to get training about the features and benefits found in the 2003 versions of the company’s five motorhome brands, Groom said.
As is the case with dealer principals, sales personnel with a username and password and access images and text about Damon’s latest models and be quizzed on their knowledge. The information will remain on Damon’s website until the end of model year 2003, Groom said.