Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 3.22.56 PMLove camping but don’t like using a car to get into the great wide open? A Danish company has just come up with a plausible, neatly designed answer to this problem: a travel trailer light enough to haul behind a bike. The Wide Path Camper weighs just 88 pounds unloaded, capable of being pulled behind a bike. And it turns out to be pretty roomy when folded out from its travel mode. Courtesy of a projecting metal nose, the Wide Path extends far enough to make space for two face-to-face sofas and a pull-down table, all within a shell that’s far warmer and more weatherproof than the average tent. The sofas flatten at night to form a double bed large enough to sleep two people. If you want to make the whole package greener still, the Wide Path comes with an optional solar cell for charging devices. The trailer currently costs around $2,500 — not outrageous, but a good reason why Wide Path is also offering the campers for rent.