Over 200 customers attending the Danzy event

Over 200 customers attended the Danzy event

ERT/Danzy Distributors marked the grand opening of its new warehouse in Calgary, Alberta, on April 10 with over 200 customers attending the event and 10 major suppliers showcasing products along with demo vehicles.

“The event was a great occasion for a greet-and-meet between shop owners, major suppliers of the industry and the distributor,” said Danzy Sales Director Marc-Yvan Loiselle, RV Division, in a press release.

Suppliers on hand included Thetford/Norcold, Samlex America Inc., Cequent Performance Products and Hijacker. Attendees were also offered tours of the warehouse, including the large inventory of stocked merchandise.

The company recently combined warehouse space for RV accessories, alloy wheels, steel rims as well as accessories for cars and trucks. With this new distribution point in place and a large inventory in stock at the Manitoba and B.C. warehouses, ERT/Danzy Distributors has “reinforced its position as a Western Canada leader in RV accessories distribution,” the company said.