DashCommand Clarion Next GATE

Pleasant Grove, UT (September 2012)—Palmer Performance Engineering, the creator of DashCommand™, the industry’s leading in-vehicle performance data monitoring app, announced today that Clarion Corporation of America chose to integrate the newest version of DashCommand for iOS (v3.2.0) into its innovative in-vehicle Next GATE smartphone controller. Clarion’s Next GATE takes the best features of the iPhone®, including access to internet radio, GPS, voice dialing, and voice activation, and uses them in conjunction with a variety of specialized apps optimized for in-vehicle use, such as DashCommand, to enhance the user’s in-vehicle communication experience.

DashCommand gives automotive enthusiasts a direct line of communication to their vehicles, as its virtual gauges display almost anything they might want to know about their vehicles’ systems in real time. Advanced engine parameters, performance data, fuel economy data, trip statistics, and even racetrack mapping, g-force measurements, and an inclinometer (for off-roading) can all be viewed on up to 27 customizable gauges on their smartphone screens. Data is pulled directly from the vehicle’s OBD-II port through a low-cost OBD-II connection device (available separately). With up to 229 OBD-II parameters at their fingertips, users can also operate DashCommand as a scan tool to read and clear OBD-II trouble codes that trigger the “check engine” light.

Clarion’s Next GATE raises the bar for ease of use and convenience by allowing iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 users to both view and manipulate the performance data gathered by DashCommand directly on its more visible 7-inch touch panel LCD monitor. Additionally, the windshield-mounted Next GATE allows DashCommand’s users to more safely view and access data, as it is positioned directly in their line of vision. It even conveniently charges the iPhone while connected. Additional Next GATE features include a built-in Bluetooth® hands-free interface, enabling iPhone features such as voice dialing and voice activation. Other vehicle-friendly app partners for the Next GATE include TuneIn®, Pandora®, Vlingo©, INRIX Traffic, Odyssey® and Clarion’s exclusive FB4car and Tweet4car applications, which allow users to update their status, check in, and reply to Tweets on the go via voice.

“We are happy to offer the DashCommand App compatibility with our Next GATE,” states Frank Pierce, Vice President, Clarion Corporation of America.  “DashCommand offers Next GATE users another great way to stay connected while in their vehicle and to keep up-to-date on important vehicle stats and performance.”

DashCommand for iOS is available through the iTunes® App Store℠ and is compatible with the iPhone, iPad®, and iPod touch®. More information about DashCommand is available at www.palmerperformance.com. Clarion’s Next GATE is available at Amazon, Best Buy and Crutchfield. To learn more about Next GATE, visit www.clarion.com/us.

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