The deadline to register for the RV Technician Distance Learning Air Conditioner Course is Aug. 24. The course will begin Aug. 27 and run through Oct. 7.

Details of the course include:

• RV Air Conditioners (Beta 6015) examines the roof-top air conditioner in detail. Revisiting the fundamentals of alternating current electricity, the students jump into the science of the refrigeration cycle. Delving into the properties of vaporization and condensation and applying the principles of compression, students gain the skill necessary to troubleshoot component failures along with the ability to repair and/or replace vital components. Installation requirements and preventive maintenance practices are also learned in this course. Tuition cost: $325.00. Employees of PRVCA members will receive a 50% reimbursement on tuition upon successful completion of the course. RV Technician Recertification Credit Hours: 48

To register for the courses, call Northampton Community College at 1-877-543-0998. The courses materials are supported by RVIA and feature competency-based instruction, assignments and testing. For more information, contact Heather Leach, Pennsylvania RV and Camping Association Education Director at 888-303-2887.