The RV dealers who have become more sophisticated in managing their inventories “are in good shape going into the summer” despite the recent slow down in retail sales, according to Mike Molino, president of the Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA).

“Inventories are generally a little higher than normal, especially in motorhomes,” Molino said. “Dealers with good management practices are in good shape going into the summer. Some others took big risks and have already gotten into trouble.”

Although interest rates now are as high as they have been since 1995, Molino said, “Several leading F&I people told us last week that they didn’t think interest rates were having a big impact on (retail) sales. There still are good terms available.”

Concerning the availability of dealer inventory financing, Molino said, “I haven’t heard of anyone who wanted floorplanning not getting it. We are finding it is still a competitive wholesale lending environment.”

However, because interest rates have risen, Molino said, “Good dealers will order less when interest (costs) rise.”