Burglars have broken into at least 10 RVs at a lot in Lawton, Okla., over the past few days, and they’ve made off with roughly 20 televisions.

KSWO TV reported that the owner of RV Connection says he’s looking at a loss of $20,000 when you add in the damage to the RVs.

RV Connection says the first break-in happened early Friday morning when thieves stole two televisions from one motorhome. Tuesday, they discovered nine more had been broken into with more TVs stolen from them.

The criminals cut the fence and then broke into the RVs. That puts them at least 100 yards away from the building where the lights and surveillance cameras are. After the string of crimes, RV Connection says they’ll be adding three new lights to deter would-be criminals.

Sales manager Coulston Pinchback says the RVs hit by the criminals are their high end products. He says their location is good and bad because potential buyers see them during the day, but at night, it’s allowed criminals to cut the fence and not be seen.

“They’re going after the ones that have the most TVs in them and doing whatever they can to get in them,” said Pinchback.

On one of the RVs they broke into, they pried the door open, with possibly a crow bar, and stole two TVs. The burglars were a little more creative with a different RV. They climbed up on top of the RV and busted out a vent and unlocked the door once they were inside. That allowed the criminals to walk out the front door with another TV.

Pinchback says the most suspicious thing is how a majority of the RVs were broken into.

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