Rapidly growing RV Retailer is adding another store in just outside of Tyler, Texas, according to a report by KLTV.com.

Jon Ferrando, president and CEO of RV Retailer, which is based out of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., has applied for a zoning change request north of Tyler.

KLTV reported that according to the request, the property sits on approximately 1/2-acre in the city limits and 20 acres outside the city limits. The request states the property is being purchased for the future use of an RV dealership, which will have a service center, showroom, and sales facility.

The zone change request is to allow a building which was used for floral retail to be used for RV sales, while the other buildings are being constructed.

According to a company press release, RV Retailer has 17 stores in Texas, Florida, New York, and Iowa with over $900 million in annual revenue.

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