One RV company reinventing itself by selling handbags will no longer make them.

Decorator Industries in Goshen, Ind., announced it will only focus on pleated shades and door products. Besides purses, totes and handbags, DI produces pillows, bedspreads, and drapes for RVs, according to WNDU-TV, South Bend.

The company made 2,000 bags in three months, but company officials said they weren’t “cost effective.” An announcement was posted to its website on Thursday (May 14).

Now two women familiar with the RV industry will take over the handbag production. A location for production has not been determined yet. The bags will be called the original DI bags. The new company plans to still use material from DI and rehire workers.

“Even though they are going out of it, we are continuing with it. We will continue employing as many as we can plus others things we are venturing out with it with what we can find,” explained future owner Marla Wilkinson.

Decorator Industries will make the bags for another week. Bags will be sold until DI runs out. They can be bought at a dozen stores in the northern Indiana and southern Michigan area.

“I think it is still a good idea. People are still going to think I’m helping this economy and we have to do that. Too many things come from China, too many come from out of the country. We need keep our people working,” says Karen Pletcher, owner of Balloon Express where they sell the bags.