CUB North America and DEHCO Inc. announced the introduction of a blind-spot radar system for towable recreational vehicles. According to a press release, the system utilizes an industry-first 24GHz radar technology specifically designed and engineered for the towable market.

The system is comprised of two parts. One section permanently installs in the towable and the other section for the tow vehicle can be easily installed, removed and reinstalled.

The CUB recreational vehicle blind-spot detection system is specifically designed to assist in lane change maneuvers. During towing, it is difficult to ascertain the precise location of the end of the trailer. The CUB blind-spot detection system clearly indicates when it is safe and clear to make the lane change by both audible and visual notification. The system also monitors the area directly behind the trailer from vehicles approaching at high speed to avoid collisions.

The CUB blind-spot detection system is comprised of two 24GHz radar modules for mounting at the rear of the trailer, an electronic control module, integrated warning display, and associated harnesses and connectors. All harnesses and connectors are automotive grade weathertight specification, hardware and provisions are rated for extended service life for years of reliable service on your recreational vehicle.